DirectView in late stage development of encrypted customizable video security streaming platform

NEW YORK, December 12, 2013 -- DirectView Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: DIRV), a company focused on ownership and management of leading video and security technology companies, today announced that it is in late stage development of a encrypted, customizable video security streaming platform (VSS Platform).

The VSS Platform provides a comprehensive, multi-user remote monitoring solution for use in numerous business applications. The VSS Platform is a cost effective solution designed to allow for full encryption and management of user access across any fixed or mobile device while meeting corporate needs for secure recorded surveillance.  DIRV intends to initially target its marketing efforts toward educational institutions, daycare facilities, airports / heliports and religious organizations.  The company has entered into various stages of negotiations with several potential customers to deploy the VSS Platform upon completion of software development that is anticipated to take place early in the first quarter of 2014.

Commenting on the announcement, Roger Ralston, CEO and Chairman of DirectView, stated, "As the market for video surveillance continues to rapidly evolve, streaming security solutions with full mobile access continue to become more prevalent. This also increases the need for solutions that provide secure, fully encrypted access that also enables a business to customize access levels for multiple users.  Upon completion of the development of the VSS Platform, DIRV will provide a turnkey solution for numerous organizations seeking to allow various levels of video streaming access to their customers or employees.  We believe this platform will be a significant driver of revenues as we head into 2014."