ObjectVideo signs patent licensing agreement with Flir

Video analytics firm ObjectVideo announced earlier this week that it has signed a global patent licensing agreement with thermal camera maker Flir Systems.

According to ObjectVideo Chairman and CEO Raul Fernandez, the deal is significant from ObjectVideo’s perspective in that another major company within the video industry has examined their portfolio of video analytics patents and opted to enter into a licensing deal with them. ObjectVideo said that not only will the agreement help Flir develop intelligent thermal video solutions, but also intelligent traffic control products through its’ Traficon subsidiary.

“It’s another large industry player, a thought leader and it is also significant because it spans, in terms of our patents, coverage into the traffic monitoring category,” said Fernandez.  

In addition to Flir, 16 other companies have thus far completed patent licensing agreements with ObjectVideo including; Panasonic, Sony, Pelco, Bosch, Tyco/American Dynamics, Vivotek, UDP, Agent Vi, VideoIQ, IntelliVision, ViDiCore, Aimetis, 3VR and InStore Logic.

Fernandez said that ObjectVideo signed and announced 10 completed licensing agreements in 2013 and they’re currently in various stages of technical dialogue with about two dozen companies in the market worldwide.

“We’re happy with the progress that we’ve made. There are still many companies that we have either been in dialogue with or need to be in dialogue with and we continue to innovate and we continue to add to our patent portfolio,” he said. “We feel good about where we are with the (licensing) program.”

Fernandez said that the renewed interest in video analytics throughout the industry also bodes well for ObjectVideo moving forward.

“As you look at all of these manufacturers – from high-end enterprise products, as well as even the home products now – are beginning to get more and more intelligent features and functionality, so that’s good for the adoption of analytics across the board which is great for us,” he said.