ADT video expansion serves the growing small business sector

According to a recent study, the market for cloud services continues to rapidly grow, with the number of small businesses using a paid cloud solution in some capacity predicted to triple in the next three years. So with that trend in mind, ADT, one of the world’s leading security providers, has announced the expansion of its video surveillance portfolio with new cloud-based and local DVR (digital video recorder) storage offerings designed to meet the needs of America’s small business owners. 

ADT’s extended video offerings give small business owners the flexibility to keep tabs on their most critical assets, store their video footage on premise or in the cloud, scale their investment level up or down over time, and have a better understanding of their overall business operations  With ADT’s secure cloud video solutions, owners have the flexibility to track everyday business activities, manage multiple locations simultaneously, and take advantage of event-triggered notifications with cloud-based video access from any internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets. ADT’s cloud-based video surveillance service also has multi-screen viewing capabilities to track employees, while also providing enhanced visibility over inventory and sensitive business and customer data.

“We’ve expanded our video capabilities with new cloud-based and onsite DVR solutions to meet the demand of small business owners who desire move control and more options over monitoring and managing their day-to-day business operations,” said Luis Orbegoso, President of ADT Small Business. “From the restaurateur to the salon owner, we recognized the individual needs across a variety of verticals and industries for tailored solutions to address their specific security concerns.”

ADT’s cloud-based solutions are ideal for small business owners whom, for example, are in an office suite environment where security needs may be addressed by building management. These customers could benefit from added visibility with minimal IT support required and a significantly lower up-front cost with Broadband-enabled cameras. The new cloud solutions can also help increase audit capabilities with motion-triggered video storage and alerts, as well as archived video playback for incident investigations.

“The cloud technology adoption rate amongst small businesses continues to grow rapidly and remains an attractive option for owners whom manage a small professional office within a larger building facility. These customers are looking for added visibility and greater insight into customer and employee interactions at an affordable cost,” Orbegoso continued. “To meet this need, we introduced secure cloud-based solutions to provide dentists or pediatricians, for example, with the capabilities to view who is entering and exiting their office suite, engaging with employees and surrounding the broader premises at any time. Whether they chose to view live or recorded video, both can be accessed from a centrally managed account on almost any web-enabled device.”

Additionally, the new solution provides greater insight into daily business activities through cloud-based video surveillance from any web-enabled device. The seamless user interface has an advanced search functionality to provide live video views or recorded video in one centrally managed account.  With multiple options to choose from, small business owners have control over their investment level with 15 or 30 days video storage options.

“The new solution provides owners with the flexibility to choose 15 or 30 days video storage options based on their business needs. This puts control of critical assets back in their hands and gives them the opportunity to scale their investments level up or down over time.” said Orbegoso.

ADT’s Onsite Storage Solutions meet the demand for on-premise video storage to monitor employee and customer interactions, help prevent crime and deter theft, especially in retail and food and beverage environments.  With a local DVR, small business owners can digitally record video clips via cameras in multiple areas of the business, from the stockroom to the front door, and access the clips for playback at a later time.

 Additionally, event-triggered activity alerts can be programmed, and owners can access a video history of video-captured activities through smart search functions on their DVR devices at any time. The intelligent search features of ADT’s Onsite Storage Solutions allow owners to access date and time-stamped videos for a complete history of activities and to ensure employees are adhering to safety practices while also increasing loss prevention.

“While cloud-based solutions are attractive for small businesses many small business owners require on premise video storage through local DVR to help prevent loss and be alerted of any suspicious activity that could potentially lead to theft,” Orbegoso said. “With local DVR storage, small business owners can also choose to record 24/7 and use smart search functions to review footage within given time windows and locations.  This can be critical to ensure employees are following safety protocol and serves as organized and archived, locally stored evidence for any incident investigations.”

These new solutions are in addition the company’s offering of real-time video capabilities with ADT Pulse, which provides small business owners with real-time video capabilities to monitor and manage their business from almost anywhere. The interactive business solutions also offers peace of mind with features to arm/disarm systems, regulate temperature, and control lighting.