TotalBank responds to computer security breach

Bank in the process of notifying more than 72K customers about the breach

Aug. 07--A cyber security breach has struck close to home, at Miami-based TotalBank, which has told customers that it detected that "an unauthorized third party" gained access to its computer network.

In a statement, the Miami-based bank said it took action to secure its systems and launch a thorough investigation, using independent data forensics and security experts. It also notified law enforcement agencies.

TotalBank said it was in the process of notifying 72,500 customers. During the investigation, experts found that unauthorized individuals may have obtained access to customer information, including names, addresses, account numbers, account balances, and personal identification numbers, but not passwords.

The bank said it has established a toll-free call center to respond to customers's concerns, and is offering potentially affected individuals a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection services.

TotalBank also said it has reinforced internal security protections and firewalls, enhanced threat detection and monitoring, and shut down access to any compromised system.

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