Episode 56: Busting the Botnets

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SIW Radio, Episode 56: Busting the Botnets

This week's program is brought to you following the arrest of Oleg Nikolaenko, known as "The Spam King" for running the Mega-D/Ozdok botnet. SIW Radio host Geoff Kohl speaks with Joe Stewart, the director of malware analysis for SecureWorks, about the research he did that was instrumental in Nikolaenko's recent arrest by the FBI. Stewart also discusses the overall security threat of bots and malware, and what general computer user problems allow for the steady growth of botnets. Also covered is the impact of botnets for corporate security, the newest emerging security threats being created by botnets, and we look at some of the top botnets active in the world.

For more of SIW's coverage on botnets, read Joel Griffin's Industry Surveillance blog post from Dec. 6, 2010, "Are Your Networks Harboring Botnets?".

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