Episode 36: Integrating IP video in the real world

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This week's episode is a follow-up from our webinar last week on Feb. 5, 2009. That webinar, sponsored by Cisco, presented information on IP video for government and educational scenarios, and it also presented an in-depth case study on the protection of two Amtrak facilities. Since we ran out of time on the webinar itself to do our normal Q&A, we saved our readers' questions and answered a handful of them in this 30 minute SIW Radio podcast episode. Joinining us on the podcast are Steve Collen, Lindsay Hiebert and Paul Thatcher of Cisco, Keith White from Intrametrix Consulting and Kevin Dailey from Consiliant Technologies (the integrator on the Amtrak project). We discuss a variety of topics, including EMP threats, grants and funding sources for security projects, management of software upgrades in integrated physical security systems, pole-mounted cameras, video analytics, working with legacy security technologies over the network, and wireless video transmission issues such as latency, jittery video and lag. If you haven't viewed the webinar yet, I highly recommend you check it out "go here to register to view the webcast.

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