SIW Radio Episode 6: Security Technologies Coming out of the Labs

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SIW Radio host Geoff Kohl looks at new security technologies, including a next-generation 360-degree technology from RemoteReality Corp., as we well as new research into bleeding edge technology applications from the University of Marylands's James Clark School of Engineering. Our interview this week is with James Ionson, Ph.D., CEO of RemoteReality, who talks about the company's new 360-degree technology. Our chat ranges from how this is different from what IPIX had been doing, to the concept of video-based situation awareness, and of course, what the commercial sector can do with this kind of technology. The company is even looking at a camera design with a 16-megapixel CMOS chip that can count the legs on a spider at 2,000 meters (OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the company is testing a 16-megapixel chip). Related links for Episode 6: - RemoteReality Corp. and the company's press release on new funding. - News story on the University of Maryland's new security technology research Plus: Hirsch expands in EMEA market, Honeywell's wireless wall transmitter, Brivo's new ACS OnSite, Intelasight's surveillance system for remote areas, and Napco's code-free alarm system. To listen to this podcast: 1) Use the streaming player at top right, or 2) Download this episode here. [SIW Radio; Episode 5; Show date: 12/18/2006; Show length: 13:59; Download file size: Approx 5.6 Mb]