SIW Radio Episode 5: Hardening Buildings and Adding Window Protection

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SIW Radio's podcast series gets the engine started again this December. We feature an interview by editor Geoff Kohl with Hollice Stone, the director of operations for the New York City office of Hinman Consulting Engineers. Hollice has looked at building egreess issues pertaining to building hardening, as well as basic parameters that building owners and security directors should be considering when looking at options for hardening against terror threats and natural disasters. One of the unique efforts Hollice has been invovled in is the issue of firefighter safety (ingress and egress) and the concept of a window typing system that would let firefighters know what techniques will need to be used to breach a hardened window. Related links: Hollice Stone's bio: Hinman Consulting Engineers: To listen to this podcast: 1) Use the streaming player at top right, or 2) Download this episode here. [SIW Radio; Episode 5; Show date: 12/12/2006; Show length: Approximately 19 minutes; Download file size: Approx 7.7 Mb]