DataMotion offers complete mobile email security

Morristown, NJ, December 7, 2011 – DataMotion, Inc., a leading provider of secure email and file transfer solutions, today announced it’s the first email encryption vendor to offer a complete mobile email security solution. SecureMail provides users with the easiest, most powerful email encryption solution in the industry. The technology offers best-in-class performance and accommodates the needs of both power users as well as casual recipients. All popular mobile device platforms are supported including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. SecureMail ensures that all critical business communications are sent securely and are compliant with privacy regulations – regardless of the device used.

“In the past, mobile email encryption was provided by a one size fits all approach, with significant compromises made to meet the very different needs of power users and casual recipients,” said Bob Janacek, CTO of DataMotion. “SecureMail provides distinct capabilities optimized for the unique needs of each type of user, making it the easiest, most powerful mobile email encryption solution on the market.”

SecureMail mobile email encryption key features include:

- Power users can attach documents, compose, send and read encrypted email messages from within the device’s native email client, just like standard email messages
- No need for additional training, apps or encryption keys
- Email recipients can easily receive and send encrypted messages through a mobile-optimized browser experience
- Increased recipient open rates with a simple, designed-for-mobile recipient experience
- Transparent, military grade encryption, ensuring privacy and compliance regulations are met
- Detailed tracking of when messages and attachments are opened