IQeye from Vicon

IQinVision announces support for Veracity’s Trinity architecture

Glen Rock, NJ/Preswick, UK and San Juan Capistrano, CA , December 6, 2011– Veracity and IQinVision today announced that IQeye cameras now support Veracity’s TRINITY, a game-changing IP video surveillance system architecture featuring Veracity’s COLDSTORE storage array. TRINITY utilizes the camera, storage, and client to form a simple, stable, and highly cost-effective combined solution.

TRINITY-capable IP cameras write directly to Veracity's COLDSTORE "NAS" system, which saves processing and bandwidth while increasing scalability. Security professionals use simple client software to retrieve live video directly from the camera and play back video directly from the storage device.

IQeye cameras, while recording directly to COLDSTORE, are still powerful enough to detect events using on-camera analytics and motion detection and send that information along with the video directly to COLDSTORE. Setup is simple; the IQeye camera’s “DTS” (Direct-to-Storage) web page allows users to easily point to the correct COLDSTORE unit on the network and select it for recording.

Rob Ledenko, IQinVision VP of Sales and Marketing, commented, “We are excited at the prospect of moving ‘NVR functionality’ from the server to the camera. This means the end user will be able to see a dramatic increase in system functionality. Not only will the user be able to manage more cameras per server, reduce bandwidth demands, and essentially eliminate the loss of recording due to server failure, but in some cases the server will be eliminated altogether. This will translate into huge savings when you consider hardware that can be re-allocated to cover other needs as well as the reduction in power and cooling requirements.”

Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity USA, added "The market awareness and engineering skills within IQinVision of the IQeye cameras made them the logical first partner for TRINITY. IQeye cameras have long possessed an excellent reputation for ease of use, solid performance, and image quality. These factors, coupled with the fact that the IQeye camera line has exceptional processing power, meant that there was no better initial camera partner for Veracity's TRINITY surveillance ecosystem. "

Unlike traditional storage systems, COLDSTORE uses Veracity’s SFS to record data to hard drives in a truly sequential format. Disks are recorded from the outside in—making the disk look like a DVD or even an old record—which not only minimizes wear and tear but also lends itself to recording direct from an IP camera.

Thanks to SFS, as well as Veracity’s Linear Array of Idle Disks technology, COLDSTORE offers end users significant additional benefits, such as:

- Low power consumption (under 66 watts with a dual power supply)
- The ability to use any consumer grade hard drive available
- An average operating temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, which means cooling requirements are reduced or even eliminated
- A robust architecture and maximum data protection
- No “RAID rebuilds” ever required as no RAID system is used