Notifier launches emergency communications systems virtual demo site

NORTHFORD, Conn, December 5, 2011 - NOTIFIER by Honeywell announces the launch of a microsite to educate users on effective deployments of integrated fire alarm and emergency communications systems through virtual demonstrations of emergency scenarios. The Emergency Communications Systems Microsite explores real-world fire, weather, intruder and hazardous gas leak disaster events within various facilities throughout a common campus setting while demonstrating the life-saving functions of NOTIFIER systems.

Facility and security managers tasked with protecting multiple buildings can utilize the Emergency Communications Systems Microsite to learn the fast, effective response of a diverse assembly of technologies -- all tied together through NOTIFIER fire alarm and emergency communications systems. Indoor speakers, LED signage, graphic displays, outdoor giant voice systems and even distributed recipient technologies such as email, text messages and computer pop-ups are shown informing and communicating instructions to facility occupants.

"Our goal here was to help users understand how NOTIFIER fire alarm systems can provide a comprehensive emergency communications solution for their facilities," says Marissa Guillen, communications manager for NOTIFIER. "As the events of an emergency unfold, you see how all these different communications mediums work together. From that, users get a good idea of how certain pieces could really make a difference in their own facility's response to a critical incident."

To explore the Emergency Systems Microsite, visit For more information on any fire alarm or emergency communications solutions from NOTIFIER, contact a local sales representative.