LEGIC partners with Radio Frequency Systems

Radio Frequency Systems, a Chinese provider of electronic RFID locks and contactless OEM reader modules, is a new partner of LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, leading manufacturer of contactless smart card technology for personal identification. Developing innovative OEM reader modules based on the new LEGIC advant 4000 reader chip generation, RF Systems trusts in a state-of-the-art technology that meets high requirements in terms of flexibility and convenience.

RF Systems will not only develop new reader modules with LEGIC, the Chinese manufacturer will also provide readers for access control applications. Banking on the latest LEGIC advant 4000 reader chip generation, RF Systems strengthens its competitive edge in the development of innovative multi-standard readers.

“We are continuously facing an ever-increasing demand for very flexible and efficiently working multi-standard reader modules”, says Steven Cao, General Manager of RF Systems. “With the integration of the new LEGIC advant 4200 chips, we will be one step ahead compared to many of our competitors.”

Dr Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales and Business Development of LEGIC: “In all parts of the world, customers demand for more and more convenient and user-friendly security solutions. That is why multi-standard readers have become so accepted throughout the whole industry. I am convinced that our new partner RF Systems is going to benefit from this development.”