Gadspot announces new OEM private label option

City of Industry, CA –- August 21, 2011 -- Gadspot, a premium provider  of security surveillance products, today announced a new private label  option for security resellers, integrators, dealers or any other company  looking to brand their own security surveillance products.

The new private label program brings many advantages that traditionally  have made it out of reach for smaller companies, including:

-Low volume requirement. Companies can now purchase branded products in  small quantity batches, conserving cashflow and reducing the amount of  inventory they need to carry.

-Branding. Display your brand prominently on the security products of  your choice from Gadspot so you ensure a consistent messaging to your  customers.

-Direct from manufacturer. Since Gadspot is a manufacturer of security  surveillance products, you are guaranteed the lowest cost by cutting out  the middleman.

-Different product SKU numbers. Set your own product ID or SKU number  for your private labeled security cameras or DVRs, ensuring that they  remain distinct from Gadspot products.

"Gadspot’s new partner program brings all the advantages of selling your own branded products with none of the usual headaches or obstacles," says Judy Chen, President for Gadspot North America. "Now when you sell
your branded services you can also offer identically branded security products. Customers see one unified brand while you control the margins for the product."

Gadspot’s new OEM private label program is one of many new initiatives  the company has recently launched to position itself as the trusted  source for the security resellers, integrators and dealers. In July 2011  Gadspot announced a call for “Inner Council” members who would be a  select group of industry advisers in exchange for steeper discounts on  products. Gadspot is also finalizing a new partner portal page with  marketing resources and tools for their security partners.

To learn more about becoming a Gadspot partner and accessing their private label service, visit: or email partner(at)