Vumii expands surveillance camera offerings

ATLANTA – August 23, 2011 – Vumii, a provider of innovative surveillance camera technology that allows customers to see details in complete darkness from great distances, has significantly expanded its imaging solutions portfolio through the addition of four thermal imaging product lines: CompactSec, EyeSec, DualSec, and RangeSec.

Comprised of more than 40 models, this comprehensive set of thermal imaging cameras enables Vumii to further address the needs of security professionals in almost any outdoor perimeter or border situation. The new line of thermal cameras complement Vumii’s LED and laser near-IR illumination camera product lines,Discoverii and Claritii, which serve as ideal threat assessment solutions by giving customers the ability to see images with natural contrasts and incredible detail over great distances, even in complete darkness.

"The addition of thermal solutions to our existing line of active near-IR cameras allows us to address a broad range of security needs within a multitude of industries and organizations, especially transportation, critical infrastructure and government," said Randall Foster, CEO, Vumii. "This unique and broad combination of cameras and technologies gives customers an exceptional set of solution options for threat detection and threat assessment."

The new thermal imaging camera lines are:

- CompactSec: a series of easy to deploy, IP-enabled, uncooled thermal imaging cameras designed to offer solid performance at a very economical price. Designed and certified for outdoor applications and available in analog or IP connectivity, CompactSec is available in three models: 8.5 mm lens for 65° field of view; 19 mm lens for 28° field of view; and 35 mm lens for 15° field of view.

- EyeSec: a line of high performance uncooled thermal cameras with a wide variety of lens and resolution configurations, including an industry-leading, unique 15-100mm continuous zoom model. Used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites - night and day - the camera provides crisp, clear thermal video through total darkness, light fog or smoke. The EyeSec line is available with IP or analog communication options with 320 x 240 25µ or 640 x 480 17µ resolution. The cameras are available with a variety of lens options. All lenses have low F values and feature motorized focus for optimum image quality.

- DualSec: a dual video (thermal and visual) channel pan tilt camera system. The powerful night and day, multi-sensor system allows medium range observation and detection. With both a continuous zoom CCD and a dual field-of-view thermal imager, DualSec is ideal for wide-field-of-view situational awareness and detection, as well as narrow field-of-view medium-range recognition and threat assessment.

- RangeSec: a high-sensitivity, cooled midwave (3-5 µm) thermal imaging camera line with continuous zoom long-range optics. It is designed for demanding commercial security, homeland security, and military applications. RangeSec models utilize a 19mm to 275mm continuous zoom (29° to 2° field-of-view) or a 47.5mm to 687mm continuous zoom lens (12° to 0.8° field-of-view).

Vumii’s active near-IR illumination LED and laser day/night vision product lines consist of Claritii, medium-range (500+ meter in complete darkness) day/night focused beam array LED surveillance camera systems, and Discoverii, long-range (3000+ meter in complete darkness) day/night continuous wave laser surveillance camera systems. These surveillance solutions deliver identification level details, with long-range continuous optical zoom capabilities day or night.

Vumii’s thermal, LED, and laser systems are easily integrated into existing commercial and homeland security infrastructure, enabling detection and assessment of terrorism, crime, vandalism, or other physical security risks for site perimeters and borders.

Visit Vumii at ASIS International 2011 in Orlando, Florida, September 19 – 22, 2011 at booth no. 871 to see the entire portfolio of surveillance cameras.