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AMAG Technology introduces Symmetry Intrusion Management module

Torrance, CA, August 11, 2011 - AMAG Technology, a security management solution provider that offers converged access control and IP video, announces its Symmetry Intrusion Management module. The Symmetry Intrusion Management module combines previously separate access control, video and enterprise-class intrusion detection to create a single, unified solution that enhances security, reduces cost and simplifies administration. AMAG is one of the first in the industry to offer this sophisticated solution.

When installed with AMAG’s new Symmetry V7 Security Management System, Symmetry Intrusion Management offers a powerful, flexible and knowledge rich integrated solution that centrally manages programming, alarms and reporting in a single graphical interface.

Authorized personnel present their access card to AMAG’s Javelin card reader to unlock the door and simultaneously disarm the intrusion system and the area behind the door. End users can choose a combined Javelin keypad reader using the card technology that best meets the needs of their security system. The system supports Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire, HID iCLASS, 125kHz proximity, and magnetic stripe credentials using a variety of readers and keypads.

End users save money and increase system reliability by using less hardware. Symmetry Intrusion Management utilizes Symmetry M2150 multiNODE controllers instead of separate intrusion panels, therefore eliminating the need to field separately integrated systems resulting in fewer systems to learn and manage.

Symmetry Intrusion Management meets U.S. government requirements for access control and intrusion, making it the perfect solution for local, state and federal facilities that must meet stringent security requirements such as FIPS-201, FICAM, ICD 705, SP800-116 and UL2050.

"AMAG’s Symmetry Intrusion Management provides full configuration, management and monitoring when used with AMAG’s Symmetry V7 Security Management System and the newly released Javelin reader," said AMAG Technology’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Barnette. "This enterprise-class integrated system is the most powerful on the market, yet saves installation time and money."

System benefits:

- Present one card to a reader to disarm and unlock the door
- Easy to use common user interface for the ACS and IDS
- One unified system means fewer systems to learn
- Less chance of false alarms by removing the need for cumbersome entry procedures
- Single card holder database simplifies administrative functions
- Choose the card technology that best meets current security requirements
- UL1076 and UL294 listed
- CE and FCC compliance
- Requires Symmetry V7 software or later and supported AMAG M2150 hardware

For more information about AMAG Technology’s new Symmetry Intrusion Management module or Symmetry Product Portfolio, visit or contact Customer Service at 800-889-9138.