Regis University deploys access control technology from Brivo

Company’s ACS WebService platform improves security at university’s CyberSecurity Education Center

Likarish and his staff manage all the students’ access to the facilities, as well as other staff and their many visitors. They utilize the system’s alert features to stay on top of events like loss of power, forced door entry, unidentified or unscheduled card usage, and others. "The system is reliable, scalable, redundant, and it’s easy to use."

Has the Brivo system met Regis University’s overall needs? "It has met and exceeded our expectations," reported Likarish. "Once the system was in and we established a baseline, we’ve found it even better than we thought it would be."

For more information on the Brivo Online Access Control System, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email To view a demo, visit