Irish bakery deploys IP video management system

Milestone’s XProtect platform helps McCloskey’s Bakery reduce shrinkage

"McCloskey’s like the fact that they can playback the footage from when production first starts at 4 a.m. and review how production went without having to be on site. The facility to be able to log in remotely to the system from home and from the holiday home in Spain on the iPhone is also a great advantage. Being able to have video evidence in forensic detail has added value to the business by reducing shrinkage costs and creating a more efficient working environment," says Fiachra Mac An Bhreithiún, Technical Consultant, Arrestec

For factory surveillance the main advantages of an IP solution are:

 - Megapixel picture quality for superior image quality
 - Unequivocal video evidence to prevent double clocking
 - Sharp megapixel video footage to disprove claims of incorrect order quantities despatched at goods outwards
 - Incontrovertible video footage of quantities of returned crates at goods inwards
 - Significantly reduced pilfering due to megapixel cameras
 - Scalability, allowance with server and Milestone Essential to add more cameras without requiring a new DVR
 - Milestone software to watch live footage and playback simultaneously, even remotely