Lextech Labs announces LexRay mobile video platform

(Lisle, IL) - Lextech Labs, the industry leader in easy to use mobile video solutions, has launched LexRay, the secure, lag free mobile video platform. The new solution includes a server component that secures the video stream from end to end andoptimizes the video for the ultimate mobile viewing environment, meaning no lag.

In real world video surveillance environments, cameras operate on a collection of different video management systems. Lextech Labs has answered that challenge with LexRay. Now users can easily view video from different video sources, even from different vendors, on the same screen. No other mobile platform has that capability.

Lextech Labs is releasing LexRay as an open mobile video platform. This enables every VMS, camera or specialty video provider to quickly integrate their video into the LexRay mobile system.

"Lextech Labs is revolutionizing the mobile video world for the third time. We invented easy to use mobile video with iRa Pro, C3 extended that capability to teams and now LexRay provides secure, lag free, multi VMS video. LexRay gives teams video that just works." said CEO Alex Bratton.

For more information on Lextech Labs and their products, visit the website at www.lextechlabs.com/products/lexray.