Anixter launches 'Channel Partner Summits'

GLENVIEW, Ill., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Anixter announces the launch of its Channel Partner Summits, an integrator-focused event that discusses the latest solutions surrounding IP-based physical security solutions to address the need for migration, interoperability and convergence.

Join manufacturers and end-users at this 10-date nationwide event to learn about products, technologies and best practices in the rapidly evolving security market. At this event, you'll learn from leading experts who will share insights on network and security strategies for unparalleled competitive advantage. The Channel Partner Summits are designed to explore the major trends affecting the network and security markets—from consolidation and interoperability to standards compliance and shifting technologies—to help customers make the best choices to ensure their networks remain secure and future-ready.

"The growing complexity of the security market is increasing the need to adapt to new technologies in order to remain competitive," said Matt Powers, Anixter's Technical Director of Security Solutions. "Because product and technology offerings are becoming more diverse, it is important for integrators to learn the fundamentals of interoperability and how market pressures and changing technologies are affecting demands."

Experts from Anixter, security consultants, manufacturers and end-users will come together to provide a complete discussion of the featured topics. The half day event will include:

  • A keynote presentation from a representative of Connex International, a well-known security consultant who helps certify integrators on manufacturers' programs
  • Anixter technical professionals with expertise in infrastructure that supports networking and security solutions
  • A live panel discussion made up of industry experts including end-user representatives
  • A mini tradeshow featuring product manufacturers that are developing the latest technologies and applications
  • A casino themed event reception and networking.

To register for Anixter's Channel Partner Summits, visit