AMAG Technology releases Symmetry V7 security management system

New version incorporates AMAG's Symmetry Intrusion Management module, enhanced alarm management features

Torrance, CA, August 8, 2011 – AMAG Technology, a security management solution provider that offers converged access control, IP video and intrusion management, announces the release of Symmetry V7 Security Management System, Enterprise Edition. Symmetry V7 provides numerous new features in a completely redesigned security management system platform.

"Symmetry V7 represents one of the most significant product launches in AMAG’s history," said AMAG Technology, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Barnette. "Building on the success of our Symmetry brand, Symmetry V7 has been redesigned in Microsoft .NET architecture, incorporates our new Intrusion Detection System capability, adds new Video Encoder technology and expands our base feature set immensely."

Symmetry V7 incorporates AMAG’s new Symmetry Intrusion Management module. Symmetry Intrusion Management allows customers to have a unified access control and intrusion detection system in one platform. Programming and managing the system is simple as it is all controlled from either the Symmetry SMS software or from AMAG’s new Javelin series card reader with multi-line display and backlit keypad. Users can control access to an area or building depending upon the current area status and card holder permissions. Intrusion areas can be armed and disarmed in a variety of ways from simple code only operation to card plus PIN code.

The Javelin card reader with multi-line LCD display can operate as a standard access control reader or as a fully functional, intelligent alarm keypad with flexible intrusion alarm management capabilities with Symmetry V7. It is designed for use with the Symmetry M2150 range of controllers and reads NXP MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire smart cards, as well as PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC cards. A 125kHz proximity version is also available.

In addition to one of the richest set of video integrations available, end users can now utilize AMAG’s new Visualizer Encoders with Symmetry to deploy an integrated access control and IP video management system. The Symmetry Visualizer Encoders support H.264 video, come in 4, 12 and up to 40 camera channel configurations, and have a robust built-in video content analysis capability.

Symmetry V7’s new Workflow Designer option ensures security operators will follow the proper procedures when they click on an alarm. A customized flow chart outlines what protocols should be followed, guiding the operator through a pre-defined sequence of actions. Different workflow procedures are automatically initiated for any device or alarm type, and can display instructions, ask questions and record responses. Automated emails can be sent to security staff to initiate action, and create tasks in the new Task Manager. Workflow Designer makes sure consistent security procedures are followed and saves time on training new guards.

Manage time and assignments with Symmetry V7’s new Task Manager. Authorized personnel can schedule one-time or recurring tasks for security operators to complete. Operators will be reminded to complete the scheduled task and can click to close the reminder once the task is completed. Task Manager helps ensure that all security procedures are completed, making for a smooth shift and secure facility.

Symmetry V7 delivers several enhanced alarm management features to efficiently manage security events.

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