AMAG Technology releases Symmetry V7 security management system

New version incorporates AMAG's Symmetry Intrusion Management module, enhanced alarm management features

- A new alarm workspace allows security operators to manage alarms in a single window, providing the option to eliminate pop-up windows.
- Customize the workspace to display alarm location and the device associated with the alarm.
- Card holder alarms display selected personal data to help initiate and decide proper alarm response and follow up.

The new security management system eliminates the use of dongles and will be shipped with a software license registration document. Automatic online activation is available when Internet access is obtainable.

Symmetry V7 is based on .NET architecture to leverage Microsoft technology. This provides maximum system flexibility and interoperability, now and in the future. Symmetry V7 includes many more new features:

- Compatibility with the latest Microsoft operating systems and databases, including both 32 and 64 bit versions.
- Ability to lock the screen layout for specific users, to insure critical information is always visible
- Scheduled command override allows the execution time of scheduled actions to be modified for special circumstances
- Add devices multiple times to separate graphical maps
- New Device category and location fields for all devices
- Category and location can be shown in the alarm and activity screens
- Transaction history retention has been dramatically increased
- Additional support for 4-8 digit PIN codes for access control

Versions of Symmetry V7 are available with intrusion management and FIPS 201 compliance. For more information about AMAG Technology’s new Symmetry V7 Security Management System, visit or contact Customer Service at 800-889-9138.