Visonic announces PowerMaster-30 wireless alarm system

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 7, 2011 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, today announced the availability of a new wireless alarm system—PowerMaster-30—designed to meet the security needs of large residential premises and mid-size businesses. The new system is the second member of the PowerMaster family that integrates Visonic’s innovative PowerG wireless technology. Similar to the PowerMaster-10 system, PowerMaster-30 excels in range, robustness and performance.

With PowerMaster-30 security professionals and central stations can:

- Provide a wireless alarm system that has strength and reliability closer than ever to that of a wired system. The system’s PowerG network uses Two-Way Low-Power Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to deliver the utmost robustness and to ensure that each transmission arrives uninterrupted at its destination. By using FHSS and TDMA technologies, PowerMaster-30 successfully overcomes intentional and unintentional interferences, jamming, and collisions. As a result, robustness and reliability of the wireless network increases dramatically turning it into a powerful solution even in “noisy” environments with dense radio energy.

- Expand business to include large premises and new applications.
PowerMaster-30 employs advanced radio and diversity antenna technologies that, when combined with FHSS and synchronized TDMA communication, result in an extremely large transmission range of up to 2000m/6000ft*. This is far greater than the industry standard—enabling repeater-free installations even in very large premises. In addition, PowerMaster-30 supports up to 127 devices/peripherals with 64 zones and 48 users, making it an ideal solution for mid-size businesses.

- Save money and time with fast and easy installations, and remote maintenance. PowerMaster-30 systems are equipped with a powerful toolset that significantly simplifies and shortens installation time and provides the means for fast and effective system configuration and maintenance. In addition to on-site and remote configuration, installers get a powerful on-site and remote RF diagnostic tool and remote walk testing.

- Support the environment with a green, energy-saving solution. PowerMaster-30 incorporates an adaptive transmission power mechanism: each device in the network continuously measures the communication quality and automatically sets its transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication with the panel. As a result, battery life of devices can exceed eight years, and the air is "cleaner" due to minimized transmissions.

- Use the system for advanced applications. PowerMaster-30 was designed to handle a substantially high bandwidth, enabling the network to transmit large amounts of data in a short time. Therefore, it supports installations with up to 127 devices, and audio and video alarm verification applications.

“Wireless alarm systems for the home have been on the market for over a decade and are replacing wired installations at a rapid pace” commented Laila Arad-Allan, Visonic’s VP Marketing. “Now PowerMaster-30 provides the answer for replacing wired installations in large premises, and is an ideal solution for security professionals and central stations who wish to expand their business with an already familiar solution. Installers are looking to use a single system or family of alarms systems that they can learn to use once and install at various types of locations. The addition of PowerMaster-30 to the PowerMaster family, its ease-of installation, superior robustness and reliability provide the intrusion alarm market a first-of-its-kind solution.”

PowerMaster-30 has built-in voice prompts and supports a variety of PowerG-enabled devices and peripherals including: NEXT PIR motion detector, door/window contacts, the NEXT CAM (PIR motion detector with a built-in camera), keypads, keyfobs, sirens and more. In conjunction with the NEXT CAM device, the system can also be used as a RealAlarm visual alarm verification solution.

* Measured unobstructed line-of-site transmission range: 2000m/6500ft @ 8m/24ft, 750m/2500ft @ 2m/6.5ft