Stanley launches Swing-Guard Door Safety System

FARMINGTON, CT – (DATE) - Stanley Access Technologies, L.L.C., a member of the Stanley Security Solutions Product Group and a provider of automatic entrances for retail, commercial and institutional applications, introduces the Swing-Guard Swing Door Safety System. Adding an entirely new level of safety and convenience to all swinging door applications, Swing- Guard’s innovative design ensures continual safety by detecting people and objects that is obstructing the swing pathway of the door. Stanley’s Swing-Guard is manufactured with new and unique technology and can be configured to operate on any swing door application.

Safety First

The Stanley Swing-Guard Swing Door Safety System is designed to detect moving or stationary people and objects in the swing path of the door, via its innovative sensor, providing constant reliability from potential harm. Since the product is created with Active Infrared technology, it is able to sense any people or objects obstructing the swing pathway. This technology is highly sensitive and, while certainly capable of detecting small objects on the ground, it also recognizes and distinguishes interferences from environmental factors such as rain, snow, and debris via its built-in Rain Mode and Snow Mode that would normally affect other sensors.

Aesthetically Pleasing/Simplified Installation

Stanley’s Swing-Guard is conveniently placed on the upper corner of the door leaf on the hinge side. When the door opens, the Swing-Guard maintains complete coverage of the area around the door and automatically adjusts to the approach and swing areas. When the door closes, the safety system reverses the process. As a result, the areas surrounding the door are kept constantly safe. The Swing-Guard can be configured to all doors including Single Swing Doors, Simultaneous Pairs, Dual Egress Doors, Low Energy Doors, and Knowing Act Doors.

Installation is simplified by eliminating the complex wiring that is standard in most other systems. Stanley’s 4 wire “plug & play” harness connects the Swing-Guard and reduces installation time by at least 50%. The Swing-Guard also does not require an additional overhead safety sensor, which makes the installation process easier and the product more aesthetically pleasing.

“We are pleased to add Swing-Guard to our line of swing door safety sensor products, joining BEA’s Parallax and our Sentrex product offerings,”states Thom Cordeiro, marketing manager for Stanley Access Technologies. ”Safety is always the primary concern of Stanley Access Technologies and Swing-Guard provides great protection for swing applications”.

Stanley Access Technologies has been a recognized leader in the automated door industry for more than 75 years. The division produces automatic doors for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation applications, offering sliding, swinging, revolving and folding doors as well as a variety of sensors and controls. In addition to manufacturing and installing these products, Stanley offers comprehensive service and maintenance programs.

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