iOmniscient provides video analytics solutions to airports

iOmniscient provides the most comprehensive suite of Video Analytics applications which has specially designed of the crowded and complex Airport industry. Airports consist of multiple departments such as Security, Safety, Operational, Airlines, Police, Quarantine, Immigration, Traffic Management, Car Park Management, Retail and Cargo each of which may have their own specific requirements and objectives.

iOmniscient’s IQ-Airport is a revolutionary and comprehensive set of intelligent video analytics that can improve the efficiency, safety and security of all aspects of airport operations. From queue management to maintenance, from detecting intruders to finding unattended baggage, from recognizing suspicious behavior to detecting parking violations, the IQ-Airport system can provide tangible and measurable benefits. No other video analytic system in the world provides the range of capabilities available in IQ-Airport.

IQ-Airport is based on iOmniscient's IQ product series - renowned as the most Intelligent Video Analytics system in the world. Powered by patented Non-Motion Detection (NMD) technology and an unbeatable Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS), the advanced detection capabilities and intelligence to ignore false alarms place it well ahead of anything else available in the market.

iOmniscient has many satisfied customers in the airport industry including the Middle East, South America, Asia, European, Australia and the 13 major airports in the United States.