TeleEye launches entry-level fixed dome camera

To cater for the needs of different requirement of high definition video surveillance system, TeleEye has expanded its MX HD Video Camera product line by introducing the latest MX810-HD High Definition Fixed Dome.

First Multi-stream Coder for HD Video

MX810-HD incorporates with HD SMAC-M video coder, which is the world's first multi-stream coder for high definition video. It generates 4 independent video streams and allows simultaneous HD video recording and fast video transmission via LAN, broadband or mobile networks.

Wider View and Superb Video Quality

MX810-HD records HD video with a wide screen aspect ratio 16:9. The wide screen format provides 33% more viewing area than traditional analog cameras. It greatly reduces blind spots in the surveillance system. With a resolution over 800TVL, it offers ultra-high resolution video quality and provides more detail for identification. By employing progressive scanning, TeleEye MX810-HD is able to create images with least distortion and jaggedness.

Video Surveillance Everywhere

MX810-HD can be used with TeleEye iView and M-303 Mobile Monitoring Solution to deliver live video through WiFi or mobile data network. TeleEye iView or iView HD are the video surveillance apps for iPhone and iPad respectively. For Blackberry and other J2ME smartphones, TeleEye M-303 Mobile Monitoring Solution also delivers excellent remote video surveillance function.