Geutebruck solutions chosen for Slovenian airport expansion project

With Slovenia’s entry into the EU and admission to Schengen in 2007 came the prospect of increased air traffic and the need to increase capacity of the Jože Pucnik Ljubljana Airport. The operator, Aerodrom Ljublana renovated the existing passenger terminal and added a complete second storey along with four jetways to facilitate easy boarding and the separation of Schengen and non-Schengen traffic. New expanded security measures have included IP video equipment from Geutebruck Adria.

Geutebruck equipment was already in use in the terminal, the parking garage and the open air car parks but when it came to selecting new systems for the recent project the airport authority still short-listed, evaluated and compared three European suppliers. However, as Dušan Sofric, Ljubljana airport’s security manager explains the Geutebruck equipment was chosen once again because of its performance and proven reliability. On the latest GeViScope-based addition he reports, "It is very reliable and easy to use. It has performed very well, exactly as it was initially demonstrated to us."

Having previously used networkable Multiscopes, from 2006 onwards all new additions to the video security system were pure IP ones, with the first GeViScopes introduced in 2008. In 2009/10 the control room was relocated and upgraded with a virtual digital matrix and an array of wide plasma monitors. Now with the latest additions, the whole GeViScope-based system has around 100 new IQeye IP cameras and Axis IP SpeedDome cameras besides the original 160 analog ones.

The system enables staff in the new security operations center to monitor the whole site, controlling the entrances to the airport, the car parking facilities, areas in and around the general aviation and passenger terminals, the VIP areas, the apron and runways. Air-side cameras allow them to ensure that the apron and runways remain unobstructed, safe and secure, and of course enable them to alert and manage emergency services or other services if this is required. The integration of the video system with the airport’s access control system is key to the strict control of movements through the doors and gates which form the crucial air-side/land-side interface. Video images enable security staff to spot and alert colleagues ‘on the ground’ to parking violations, loitering and other suspicious behaviour as well as unattended baggage. Their monitoring activity also ensures that pick-pockets or other small time criminals are not tempted to take advantage of un-suspecting travellers amid the hustle and bustle.

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