HAI adds URC to interface option connectivity partners

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced today that integration has been finalized between HAI Omni and Lumina Family control systems and URC remote controls.

The URC Complete Control Connectivity Partnership allows homeowners to use elegant two-way control modules with HAI home control products. Homeowners gain the ability to use a single remote control for security settings, HAI Lighting Control, HAI Omnistat2 thermostats, and other subsystems like pumps and water heaters. Security features include arming and disarming, panic buttons, zone status, and an event log of the system.

URC offers several two-way control modules for HAI's Omni Pro II, Omni IIe, Lumina Pro, and Lumina home control systems. The integration includes URC's MX-6000 Two-Way Touch Screen, MX-5000 Two-Way Wand Remote, and the in-wall KP-4000 Network Keypad.

"The ability to increase interface options for our end-users is significant," explained HAI Director of Technical Services, Scott Dudoussat. "Providing total control of a home with an easy-to-use familiar device from a well-recognized company like URC is a huge plus for our dealers."

"At URC, our goal is to provide our dealers with maximum flexibility and versatility," said Doug Cole, URC senior vice president and general manager. "This new integration provides installers the ability to pair our industry-leading controllers and interfaces with HAI's highly regarded home control systems."

Connectivity documents are available on the public HAI website at the following address: http://homeauto.com/Products/HAIConnectivityPartners/URC.asp?Sort=Company&Type=ALL. The integration is available today.