EMX introduces new driveway motion sensor

After three years of research, development and field testing, EMX is proud to present the all new VMD202. The most advanced single piece motion sensor in the market today.

The VMD202 installation and setup is simple and flexible. The probe and its electronics are housed in a slim design that is buried next to a driveway. The 10 sensitivity settings are programmed by use of the VMD202-R and retained in non-volatile memory.

This means you can set the VMD202 then remove the remote and the settings remain the same on restart. All wires are connected to the gate operator input controls.

When the installer wants to adjust the VMD202, they unplug the jumper and plug in the remote, make the settings, remove the remote and replace the jumper for operation.

This allows one remote to be used on multiple installations, saving cost of multiple remotes. This feature also prevents unauthorized tampering of the settings. You may also leave the remote connected to the installation for convenient adjustment by others.

The low standby current of 250uA is great for solar power applications. If used in a location without power, one 9V battery will power the VMD202 for 6 months.