Infinova to discuss low illumination performance at All-Over-IP conference in Moscow

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – October 18, 2011 – Infinova today announced that Infinova Vice President Sales-Europe Ciprian Suciu will provide a keynote speech on low illumination performance at the All-Over-IP Conference to be held in Moscow, Russia, November 23-24 (2011). The Conference is expected to bring together over 2500 top managers and senior engineers from throughout Russia and the rest of Europe and Western Asia.

"There is really no way that an installer can get their hands on the actual cameras and test them, one by one, in the field to determine which camera will perform best in a specific low illumination locale," explains Suciu. "We will illustrate that, indeed, there is a way to compare a camera’s performance in low-light conditions by analyzing the technical specifications. We will show the attendees which specifications are required how to calculate what is needed and what will work."

Suciu emphasizes that this is a major problem for most integrators, who typically are confronted with a wide selection of camera choices from a variety of manufacturers, all with contrary and confusing parameter specifications. For instance, most understand that the higher the megapixel count is, the smaller the pixel size will be. Smaller pixel sizes yield a smaller light gathering surface, which means less sensitivity to light. Nonetheless, it is virtually impossible to determine which camera will perform best by quickly comparing data sheets that are typically provided by manufacturers today. The keynote will explain what an integrator and their end-users can do to assure the right camera and lens is being used for each site in a system.

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