Thai eye wear retailer installs network video recorders at its headquarters

TOP CHAROEN, established in 1961, is a famous eyewear shop that has more than 2,489 branches in Thailand. In 2010, the company moved its headquarters to a 35,000 square meters area located in Nothanburi province. The new property includes a five-storey office, a warehouse, and a large parking lot and served as a combination of administrative, reception, and procurement centers.

Mission and Solution

To ensure the protection of the employees, equipment and assets, TOP CHAROEN needed a solution that allows concurrent monitoring of all the sites, supports megapixel quality and secures the recording data with a durable storage system.

"After extensive planning, we installed 59 IP cameras in different locations of the headquarters based on their functionalities. We then decided to deploy 3 QNAP VS-5020 VioStor NVR servers, which we believe are able to completely meet TOP CHAROEN's surveillance needs," said Mr. Nopphasak Tripornchaisak, Managing Manager of Linenet Solution. "You can connect to one VioStor NVR and monitor up to 128 IP cameras from different NVR servers through just one interface. This would enable the security personnel from TOP CHAROEN to simultaneously monitor all the 59 cameras connected to the 3 different VS-5020 servers. Furthermore, the VioStor-5020 offered huge storage capacity with 5 hard drives supporting RAID 1, 5, 6, 5+ hot spare and 6+ hot spare. Through RAID 1 disk volumes, the NVR can effectively safeguard the video data against one drive failure in each pair of the hard drives and consequently protect the entirety of all the recorded video files," Mr.Nopphasak went on to explain.

In addition to covering the surveillance of a wide area, this project faced challenges from both indoor and outdoor environments. TOP CHAROEN selected Panasonic® WV-SP305 box cameras and WV-NF284 dome cameras for indoor areas and parking lot entrances. The WV-SP305, in particular, delivered a 1.3 megapixel resolution that allows clear recognition of faces and license plates. In the outdoor areas they needed to tackle challenging application environment that included parking lots, the streets in front of the buildings, the rear exits, the cargo zones, and some unlit areas at night. To accommodate every concern, they picked AVTECH AVN252 outdoor IR cameras. QNAP's flexible integration with more than 1,100 models of IP cameras from different brands enabled TOP CHAROEN to pinpoint all its needs under various environment and budget constraints.

Feedback and Future plan

"The QNAP VioStor NVR is a Linux-embedded system and we are confident in its stability. The convenient standalone capability also saves us from having to deal with licenses and PC-related problems such as hard drive failure and virus attacks, which we expect to dramatically reduce maintenance costs in the future," said Mr.Nopphasak, Senior Security Manager at TOP CHAROEN. "We are also very satisfied with the software features of the VioStor NVR. For example, the security personnel away from the control room can easily access and view any IP camera from a web browser without having to install additional software. Coupled with the robust dynamic E-map tool, which lets us position and label all 59 cameras, we can quickly respond to any incidents. When an emergency occurs, all we have to do is view the automatic pop-up of the nearest IP camera and act accordingly," Mr.Nopphasak added.

TOP CHAROEN plans to increase the number of IP cameras to 120 units in 2012. They stated that they will continue to deploy the QNAP VioStor NVR series for its simple setup and data protection capabilities as well as its ability to widely integrate with different brands of IP cameras. Equipped with the powerful advantages mentioned above, QNAP’s solution allows TOP CHAROEN to maximally expand their current security solution while minimizing significant amount of expenditures.