Westcoastcloud and Forensic Software partner to offer complete e-safety solution for schools

Comprehensive cloud e-safety solution features real-time monitoring, web filtering, blocking, and policy enforcement

Two of the UK’s leading suppliers of e-safety, Westcoastcloud and Forensic Software, have partnered up to offer the most comprehensive online child protection solution yet to the education sector.

The all-in-one cloud service ‘Netintelligence powered by Forensic Software,’ offers schools and local authorities a truly integrated e-safety solution that includes real time monitoring, web filtering, blocking and policy enforcement which is backed by the UK’s only Kitemark for Child Online Safety PAS 74. Until now, no single solution has been available to be used across multiple internet-connected devices.

The solution will provide educational establishments with a complete e-safety tool kit to combat the threats of cyber bullying, harassment and grooming as well as sites containing inappropriate content such as the promotion of suicide, self-harm and pornography.

This new partnership between Westcoastcloud and Forensic Software has been welcomed by the child psychologist, author, newspaper columnist and TV presenter, Professor Tanya Byron (PhD, PsychD, MSc, BSc) who led a government review into the risks to children of accessing inappropriate material on the internet.

Professor Byron said: "I welcome this approach by e-safety technology companies combining their resources to provide a far more reaching safety net for children and those who have a duty of care to them. It’s reassuring that the recommendations made in my previous review and the more recent recommendations of the Bailey Review about protecting children online are being taken on board by companies to help deliver the safest possible environments for children and families.

The fact that this solution is supported by Netintelligence’s award of the BSI Kitemark PAS 74 is important. However there is a still a long way to go as we still only have one company that has achieved the official standard."

The new partnership between the two companies is being launched with the combination of their leading e-safety solutions: Westcoastcloud’s ‘Netintelligence Enterprise Manager’ and Forensic Software’s ‘Policy Central Enterprise’. Netintelligence Enterprise Manager provides filtering and blocking of harmful and inappropriate material via one central control panel across multiple internet-connected devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and more recently iPads. Policy Central Enterprise provides the additional capability of being able to monitor and report when children do or access something inappropriate whilst using applications such as Microsoft Office and email, as well as online activity. The software takes a screen capture of what they have attempted to do or have been inadvertently exposed to, providing an important audit trail which can be acted upon.

Bill Strain, director of Westcoastcloud, said: "This is a great step forward for the provision of online safety tools to the education market. Delivering internet protection in an educational environment can be a real challenge. Increasingly the campus is being extended beyond traditional boundaries. Policies need to provide appropriate protection for diverse groups ranging from very young children to teachers, staff and even parents. Each of these groups can have very different needs and priorities. The combination of our two sets of controls, will give schools greater peace of mind when trying to protect and regulate the behaviour of pupils online."

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