Westcoastcloud and Forensic Software partner to offer complete e-safety solution for schools

Comprehensive cloud e-safety solution features real-time monitoring, web filtering, blocking, and policy enforcement

Ellie Puddle, managing director of Forensic Software, said: "Schools don’t always realise that their pupils can be at risk from the likes of cyber bullying and other harmful influences on what look like perfectly acceptable sites which they haven’t blocked. Adding our monitoring capabilities to the filtering and blocking ability of Netintelligence will enable teachers and policy makers to be in total control of modifying behaviour and allow them to react better when problems do occur.

The ability to monitor as well as filter can allow schools to open up access to otherwise blocked sites, such as Facebook and YouTube which, when used appropriately, are wonderful learning resources for pupils. All of this new technology is truly ground breaking and very exciting, however without the appropriate controls in place children are being put at considerable risk."

As the solution is not tied to a specific network or gateway it can provide protection to all devices regardless of their physical location even if they are on the move. The creation and management of policies is achieved using a simple web interface. These policies can be tailored to specific groups or individuals with updates immediately available to all machines and users that are being protected via the cloud.

Until now Netintelligence Enterprise Manager and Policy Central Enterprise have been used separately and very successfully by thousands of schools and scores of local authorities to protect children in their care. Netintelligence was the e-safety software of choice for the government’s Home Access project and currently helps protect hundreds of thousands of children online both at school and at home. Policy Central Enterprise is used by local authorities including Birmingham, Warwickshire, Northumberland and Telford and Wrekin to help protect over 2 million children online.

Westcoastcloud director Bill Strain concluded: "Bringing these two products together will also give schools a more cost effective option when they are looking at what’s available in the child internet safety market."

Westcoastcloud is a subsidiary of iomart Group plc, which was named Scottish Digital IT Company of the Year 2011 and ranked as one of the top 25 cloud services providers in the world.

Forensic Software has been established for eight years and specialises in developing, selling and supporting detection and protection software to ensure the appropriate use of IT resources by a community – whether it be within a commercial, public sector, educational or home environment.