IP video management creates a safe environment in exclusive Copenhagen nightclub

Milestone Systems VMS platform helps reduce incident reports by 80 percent

It is not only about guarding against theft and fisticuffs among guests. Discrimination is a known problem, even in the Copenhagen nightlife - but it also happens that rejected people claim they have been discriminated against when doormen at Karel van Mander choose not to allow them entry.

"We are an exclusive club, and our guests know that they cannot enter if they refuse to register. In some cases we found that customers accused our staff of discriminating against them if they were turned away, for example, for not meeting our dress code, or if the club was too full. But at the entrance every movement is recorded with audio, so we document exactly what was said and by whom - and it has solved many cases for us, without having to involve the police," says Mads.

80 percent drop in reported cases

After Karel van Mander started using IP video surveillance technology from Milestone and Axis, it has experienced a decline of 80 percent in cases reported to the Copenhagen licensing board. So there is no doubt that it works.

"We are quite open about our video surveillance policy. We display it clearly, so everyone knows they are being watched. The fact that the extent of problems has dropped so drastically really shows that video surveillance has a very positive effect - both for us and for guests of the club," says Mads.