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System Sensor launches Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector

St. Charles, IL - System Sensor today announced the launch of its new Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector (AMCF/CO). This new device provides an attractive and cost-effective solution for the growing commercial market that requires carbon monoxide (CO) detection in addition to traditional fire detection.

"This new combination detector is built on the foundation of two award-winning products, our Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector and our CO1224T carbon monoxide detector," says Kris Cahill, senior product manager for System Sensor. "So you get the best fire detection and nuisance rejection available, along with our world-class CO detection technology, for the most sophisticated solution on the market."

The AMCF/CO works with the new System Sensor B200S addressable sounder base. The B200S produces both Temp 3 and Temp 4 patterns for fire and CO alarms - which are synchronized across all sounder bases. And, for evacuation signaling, the sounder base can act as part of the system - fully-synchronized to other System Sensor horns and horn strobes in the facility.

Traditionally, meeting smoke and CO requirements for these applications would call for installing up to six devices, along with all associated junction boxes, addresses on the loop, and labor and material costs. And, to the building occupant, three of the devices - a separate CO detector, a separate smoke detector, and a mini horn - would occupy space on the wall or ceiling, making for an aesthetically unappealing solution.

With the AMCF/CO, there's only one device to wire, one junction box, one footprint on the wall or ceiling, and one address on the loop. "So you get a more attractive solution, with the most innovative technology, at less cost for parts and labor," concludes Cahill.

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