Miami University completes integrated door access project

Campus deploys access control solutions from CBORD, Ingersoll Rand

Ithaca, New York—The CBORD Group, Inc., the leading provider of campus card and integrated security solutions to colleges and universities, is pleased to announce that Miami University’s 16,000+ students are enjoying greater security and convenience than ever before, thanks to a full campus security implementation completed as one project in a short timeframe this past summer. CBORD worked with Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a leading global provider of security and safety solutions, to deploy the Miami University implementation.

The goals: Increase the security for Miami University students, faculty, and staff, and enhance ease of access in residence hall rooms and buildings around campus, while simultaneously creating a platform for future system growth and functions. Achieve substantial cost savings through application of new technology replacing mechanical keys, locks, and associated labor expense.

The project: Software and hardware systems and devices installed, configured, and brought online for more than 4,200 interior and 325 exterior doors. Deploy a new technology-based, Schlage aptiQ contactless secure student credential from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, to replace old keys and cards. Position the system for additional devices to be added in the near future—laundry, vending, and printing are examples of how the new credential can be used on campus.

The timeline: 90-day summer installation from start to completion, coordinated around a busy summer conference schedule and more than 100 projects on campus, including major physical plant/facility upgrades.

In the university environment, large access control and security system installations are generally completed in phases, and typically this process spans several years. Miami University wanted to provide all students living on campus the same level of safety and security, and the university administration saw a need to do this in a single, carefully coordinated step. As a result of these ambitions, the university embarked on what proved to be one of the largest access control installations of its kind, with an ambitious implementation timeframe. After a thorough industry search and RFP process, the university selected CBORD’s CS Access access control solution.

Key benefits resulting from Miami’s implementation include:

• CBORD’s CS Access provides robust lock monitoring and deployment features which were essential to support the project implementation scope and timeline.
• If a student misplaces or forgets to carry his or her new ID/credential card, a text message can be sent from the student’s cell phone to receive instant building or room access using a new CBORD feature called “OpenMyDoor.” This exciting new development has eliminated the need for middle-of-the-night visits by campus residential staff. Sophisticated audit and second credential features assure proper use of this capability, which can carry a university fee.
• The "door propped" reporting feature was important to the university.
• System monitoring tells the university the status of all door locks, bringing a number of status factors to management’s attention. Some factors such as battery power level are proactively monitored to ensure smooth installation and proper system performance.
• If a card is used by someone other than the owner at various readers in an attempt to determine privileges, the card will be turned off and a text message automatically sent to the authorized card holder to notify him/her that someone is attempting to use the card.
• Staff that need temporary access to secured areas are no longer checking out physical master keys or cards, but are instead granted limited, elevated privileges on their own cards through a feature called “MasterKey.” This feature is available because the locks are always online, and it allows instant student notification when “MasterKey” privileges are used to access their rooms.
• Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies designed and built the Schlage AD-400 interior electronic lock hardware, which provides enhanced communications management and control. Being wireless, these locks also provide a more cost-effective solution that is quicker and lower cost to install.

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