Digimerge unveils new Pinnacle line of wide dynamic range cameras

September 27, 2011… Digimerge Technologies is very pleased to announce the introduction of the new Pinnacle line-up of Wide Dynamic Range cameras, powered by Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology.

Utilizing the latest Seawolf chip from Pixim, the new Varifocal IR Vandal Dome (DPV34WL), Indoor Varifocal Dome (DPD24W) and Day/Night Professional Box Camera (DPP22W) all boast an outstanding resolution of 690 HTVL plus full 120dB Wide Dynamic Range to ensure clear, accurate images in all lighting conditions.

Unlike traditional CCD cameras, the Digimerge WDR Pixim-powered cameras employ an all-digital technology which offers unique advantages as pixels adjust individually to produce an optimal exposure for all illumination levels. Self-adjusting pixels effectively eliminate image compromising visual noise (such as glare / reflection) and the result is a truly balanced natural picture. Furthermore, the Pixim solution offers lower compression rates, enabling more available storage space with reduced system costs.

Said Digimerge Executive Vice President Wayne Hurd, "Our new Wide Dynamic Range cameras offer an ideal solution for Integrators dealing with difficult lighting applications where the setting may contain both bright areas and dark-shadowed areas. Building entrances with backlight or scenes with reflective surfaces often create camera blindness - which the new Pixim Seawolf solution is able to overcome."

Also commenting on the Digimerge WDR camera launch, Pixim’s VP of Marketing and Business Development John Monti stated "We are excited about Digimerge’s new camera line-up using our Seawolf technology. I expect their customers to quickly understand this is an all-purpose camera range for use in situations with all types of common lighting problems, from dim light conditions, scenes with mixed lighting, and of course very high contrast situations."

The new Wide Dynamic Range line-up of Digimerge Pinnacle cameras is now available at major distributors. For more information about WDR cameras please go to www.digimerge.com