mobiDEOS debuts WebSync application

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, September 28, 2011 – Video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. introduces a new application that simplifies surveillance operations through synchronization across multiple devices and platforms.

The new mobiDEOS WebSync application allows iPad and Android users to synchronize surveillance operations from the company’s popular MobileCamViewer system and its new WebView solution for fixed-location monitoring. WebSync users can centralize management of web-connected cameras and recorders to their mobile devices and establish a single login step, saving time and money while expanding the reach of their surveillance operations.

MobileCamViewer and WebView both connect to live, IP-enabled security and surveillance cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers from different vendors for complete flexibility, ensuring that users aren’t locked into specific brands and proprietary systems. WebView delivers additional freedom-of-choice to customers, allowing PC and MAC users to apply their preferred browsers to the service (Chrome, Mozilla, IE and Safari). The basic WebView service is free.

Using the power of WebSync, iPad and Android users can watch and control live security and surveillance devices connected to the MobileCamViewer and WebView applications from anywhere. Dashboard-style access to cameras, DVRs, NVRs and other systems eliminate the time-consuming process of constantly typing URL, password and other information to access feeds from various sources, which is especially difficult to do on cell phones.

Future WebSync releases will enable the application for the iPhone, Android tablets and BlackBerry devices.

"WebSync continues our value proposition of providing anywhere/anytime access to surveillance systems for our customers," said Sri Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS, Inc. "WebSync evolves this concept for our customers by centralizing management of their surveillance systems on all their devices, delivering an added layer of convenience at no additional cost."

Centralized remote monitoring, situation awareness and readiness, and business intelligence are just some of the applications delivered over the WebSync application — providing consistent peace of mind to users on construction sites and university campuses, in retail stores and banks, around government buildings, and for other high-security environments.

ROI in cost and productivity is further enhanced by eliminating trips to the location of a security event, instead giving business owners, home owners, facility managers and other users a clear snapshot of the event that supports an immediate and appropriate response.

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