AOptix Technologies introduces InSight Duo

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Biometric Consortium Conference – AOptix Technologies, Inc., (AOptix), a leading developer of advanced biometrics-based identity solutions, today announced the latest addition to their growing family of biometric products, the InSight Duo, the world’s first biometric system with simultaneous ISO standards-compliant iris and face capture. Positioned to meet the high throughput requirements of border and aviation security while providing a superior user experience, the InSight Duo delivers effortless iris and face capture within seconds from a distance of 2 meters.

By adding a face recognition quality image capture to the InSight iris recognition system, the Duo offers dramatic performance and versatility in a single, integrated unit. Rapid collection of a dual modality record enables flexible usage of either biometric, allowing for seamless migration from legacy face recognition systems or utilization of both biometrics for standards compliance, outlier handling, or even biometric fusion.

The InSight Duo is particularly well suited to enrollment and authentication applications including registered or trusted traveler programs and expedited processing at immigration or airport security checkpoints, where speed and accuracy are critical. Because the InSight Duo is fully automated, it is simple and intuitive even for non-technical or non-acclimated users, and can help streamline otherwise complicated processing.

"We’re seeing a great deal of interest in iris recognition as the biometric of the future, and a steady reliance on face recognition due to the pervasiveness of the technology," says Joseph Pritikin, Director of Product Marketing for AOptix. "With the InSight Duo, there are no compromises. It combines the unparalleled uniqueness of iris with the ubiquity of face."

AOptix will debut the InSight Duo at the Biometrics Consortium Conference, September 27th – 29th in Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Convention Center.