CBORD announces integration with Schalge

Ithaca, New York—The CBORD Group, Inc., the leading provider of campus card and integrated security solutions to colleges and universities, is pleased to announce the release of a powerful integration between CBORD’s CS Access access control solution and the Schlage CO-Series offline electronic locks from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.

The CO-Series offline locks offer the security and convenience of electronic access control tailored for locations not requiring fully networked systems. Furthermore, full integration with CS Access lets staff manage online and offline locks efficiently within a single application, rather than requiring them to work in multiple programs.

“The CO-250’s integration with CS Access lets the University of San Francisco leverage its existing investment to take advantage of a very secure solution without the expense of a traditional online reader,” says Jason Rossi, Director of One Card and Campus Security Systems, University of San Francisco. “The credential-on-card technology eliminates the need to visit a door to add or change users, and individual departments can grant access to their readers, reducing the work load of the card office.”

The CO-Series is designed to fit the needs of a variety of environments—that is why it is available in two offline models that are fully integrated with CS Access. The CO-200 stores privileges on the lock, while the CO-250 stores privileges on the magnetic stripe credential.

CS Access is also fully integrated with Schlage’s AD-Series electronic locks. The AD-Series offers flexibility, adaptability, and scalability with online and wireless lock options in addition to easily upgradeable reader modules. The variety offered by the CO-Series and AD-Series enables universities to better protect all areas of their campuses by tailoring access control for each unique location.