PureTech Systems launches Android app for first responders

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of video analytic software, today announced the release of a first responder application for use on Android devices. When used with PureActiv, the new application allows first responders and other security personnel to take a picture of an event or scene and have that information sent remotely to the PureActiv command and control as a geographically based alarm.

PureActiv Android App

"We created the application to aid first responders that need a coordinated method to share information," explains Eric Olson, PureTech Vice President of Marketing. "The First Responder application is designed to allow security or safety personnel to quickly document the situation with a photo, provide a quick explanation of the event and submit the information, along with associated latitude, longitude and time stamp metadata, directly to the main command and control system. The resulting alarm is then immediately available on the enterprise security system, with all the typical functionality, including the ability to process the alarm, redirect a camera and review it later as part of a database search."

The First Responder application allows the user to capture the image in either portrait or landscape mode. Once the image is captured, the user is provided a drop down menu to quickly attach a scenario category to the photo. The GPS location and timestamp are secured from the phone operating system and automatically attached to the image data. At that point the user may further clarify the event with a further description, or just submit the alarm. The alarm data packet is sent direct over the cellular network to the command and control system which processes the information just like a perimeter type alarm. The security officer at headquarters is provided with a pop up alarm, image, description and map based depiction of the event's location.

It is expected that the application will have use in a variety of high security facilities, providing a means for security personnel working remote from the main security system, and possibly out of range from existing cameras, to quickly create enterprise wide alarm events. Implementation of the application on other platforms, such as the iPhone, is currently in consideration. Additional information about the application can be found on our product accessory page.