Aiphone debuts GT Series multi-tenant color video system

Bellevue, WA – (June 27, 2011) – Aiphone Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of intercom and entry security products, introduces the next generation of multi-tenant color video systems with its release of the GT Series. Aiphone reinforces its reputation for unrivaled design simplicity, technical excellence, and product scalability with the GT Series.

Improving upon its current multi-tenant systems, the GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a maximum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with PanTilt Zoom provides complete entry visibility. Entry panels can be easily configured in either direct select, digital keypad or one-piece stainless steel.

Regardless of style, all key entry panels allow up to 500 tenant codes for door access and feature an operational LCD to quickly guide visitors through the system to call tenants. Included programming software for the GT Series is intuitive to facilitate an easy installation, and additionally, once an entry has been programmed at one station, the information can be shared with other entries and guard stations.

"We believe tenant access should be a seamless practice," states Bradley Kamcheff, Senior Marketing Specialist for Aiphone Corporation. "The GT Series offers a heightened level of building monitoring and security, while still maintaining an entry process that isn’t cumbersome for tenants."

Currently, several levels of tenant stations are available with the GT Series multi-tenant color video system. Options include:

- Entry level, audio-only handset (GT-1D) and hands-free (GT-1A) units.
- More sophisticated color video handset unit (GT-1M-L) and hands-free unit with PanTilt control (GT-1C).
- The fully equipped GT-2C unit, with picture memory, PanTilt control, built-in suite security, four tenant station capacity and the ability to add a JK Series door station at the tenant location.

With the release of the GT Series, Aiphone will begin to discontinue several of its GF and GH Series components. Most GT Series components are compatible with the GH Series and wire requirements remain exactly the same, making installation of the GT Series a natural and easy transition for customers.

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