Channel Vision launches new WDR cameras

COSTA MESA, CA. – June 10, 2011 – Channel Vision is pleased to announce the three new Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) cameras as the latest additions to its line of surveillance solutions. These cameras include the 6106 WDR IR Dome Camera (Indoor), 6128 WDR IR Vandal Proof Dome (Outdoor), and 6404 WDR Mini Pinhole Camera. As Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) cameras, they are suitable for high contrast scenes with the ability to show image details between dark and light.

The 6106 Indoor Dome and 6128 Vandal Proof dome cameras use a high resolution color Sony 1/3" interline transfer Charge Couple Device (CCD) image sensor, producing clear images reaching 650 TV lines. Using Super Wide Dynamic Range technology, these cameras are able to capture both high-luminance and low-luminance subjects under a wide variety of conditions, including rooms with multiple windows, such as lobbies and restaurants or low light areas, such as parking garages.

Both cameras come standard with a variety of features. With 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology, noise is automatically reduced in low light environments which results in clearer images and saves valuable DVR hard drive space when using MPEG/MPEG4/H.264 compression. Automatic motion detection warnings are provided whenever there are changes within a detection area, offering added safety protection. And, by enabling the privacy zone feature, up to 15 areas can be selected to ensure sensitive data is not viewed, such as alarm codes and combination locks.

The smaller 6404 Mini Pinhole Camera uses a high resolution color Sony 1/3” CCD image sensor, producing clear images up to 560 TV lines. With its cone-shaped lens and small structure, it is ideal for hidden and inconspicuous CCTV installations. Typical applications include door stations, small flush mount camera assemblies, and hidden camera installations.

Pricing & Availability

Channel Vision’s CCTV cameras are designed specifically for the installation market and are available for purchase through Channel Vision’s distribution network of custom retailers, distributors, dealers and installers internationally. For additional information please visit or click here.