Scallop Imaging announces technology integration with Video Insight

BOSTON and HOUSTON, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Scallop Imaging, the leader in high resolution, digital video camera technology, and Video Insight, Inc., a leading developer and vendor of digital video management systems, today announced the integration of Scallop Imaging's D7-180 camera with Video Insight's IP Video Surveillance Product Suite. The integrated system makes it easier for businesses to deploy and manage high resolution, 180 degree field of view D7-180 security cameras, using Video Insight's specialized IP servers and recorders, monitor station software, and web client for remote viewing and camera management.

"Video Insight's product suite allows businesses to customize the layout of their security video feeds, and easily manage NVR recording, storage and playback, even on smartphones and tablets," said Peter Jones, President of Scallop Imaging. "By integrating our D7-180 cameras with the Video Insight platform, we've made it convenient for businesses to deploy and manage networks of high resolution IP cameras, and provide secure, authorized access to remote personnel."

"Our customers expect Video Insight systems to work seamlessly with the industry's best security cameras such as Scallop Imaging's D7-180 with its patented image stitching technology," said Robert Shaw, CEO, Video Insight. "By integrating with Scallop Imaging, we can provide our customers with the industry's best high megapixel IP camera network, running on our IP video platform."

Scallop Imaging's D7-180 seven megapixel digital camera distributes the imaging task across multiple, small, image sensors, processing over 100 megapixels per second to calibrate, synchronize and merge video in real time. The result is two simultaneous video streams: one 720p HD stream divided into a true 180 degree, non-fisheye, situational awareness window at 15 frames per second, plus up to four instantly repositionable zoom windows at full scene megapixel resolution at 15 fps; and full resolution capture of all seven megapixels at one fps. Scallop Imaging's new A7-180 camera brings the power of the IP D7-180's seven megapixel resolution to the analog world, as a simple, plug and play replacement for legacy CCTV cameras.

Video Insight offers intelligent, user-friendly state-of-the-art IP video surveillance systems. Video Insight software is used in businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants and other environments.