Dedicated Micros takes network video recorder to the cloud

Dedicated Micros's DM Network Video's Cloud NVR provides a fail-safe, secure IP video camera architecture which is free of a single point of failure. The “cloud” contains a hardened closed IPTV management layer which protects the IP video system from intrusion, through the implementation of trusted end points, essential in retail and banking applications or in any application where the corporate network is utilized as part of the security system.

This fail-safe architecture is constructed around the CamVu ICR (Integrated Camera Recording) IP cameras which contain recording to both uSD storage and remote HDD storage simultaneously, combined with full enterprise server capability and analytics at the edge. The Network and Storage controller delivers the Closed IPTV hardened IP management layer combined with a managed gateway to near side USB/eSATA storage and iSCSI devices over the network. This robust architecture allows the storage on site become purely solid state and therefore free from electromechanical failure. Back up, archiving and storage to HDDs can be managed, with redundancy, either on site or off site, to reduce the risk of downtime, and enable “cloud” access securely from any authorized location.

High performance video management and re-display solutions include the NetVu ObserVer IP video management client and AMS archive management system, which enables the rapid retrieval of video from any NetVu Connected device spread over a large scale deployment of thousands of camerasboth of which work across Windows, Mac, Linux and Sparc operating systems and also the Pick-a-Point embedded VMS solution.

The DM Network Video's transcoding capability, creates low bit rate, bandwidth friendly streams - without affecting the original recorded image quality or resolution - to be pushed to mobile devices without any interruption to the stream; the new Android application extends the portfolio of mobile and alternative viewing platforms.

“In a market where video surveillance users are looking for IP video solutions which provide a tangible return on investment, differentiation is absolutely key to ensure the full capability of their system can be utilized," said Pauline Norstrom, vice president, Dedicated Micros Inc. Other, generic, one size fits all solutions do not provide the flexibility users need in order to manage their storage and bandwidth effectively. DM Network Video's solutions solve the problem of network end point security for businesses who cannot move to an integrated IP video solution because their network is a business critical backbone – which if breached, exposes them to significant extra risk and liability – in the case of banking and retail environments.

"Whether you are storing company data, backing up your laptop to the 'cloud' or using a Cloud NVR, it is clear in all these applications that the successful players will be those who optimise their WAN bandwidth and storage growth," Norstrom continued. "NetVu Connected protocols achieve this where simpler and generic RTP-based streams will fail to be optimum due to their lack of flexibility.”