DM Network Video showcases FireVu integrated IP dome camera

DM Network Video (part of the AD Group of Companies) now offers its FireVu series of video smoke and flame detection products.

The FireVu Dome features video smoke and flame detection combined with video transmission capability in order to transmit fire alarms which show the presence of smoke and flame, to be received by the new FV1 annunciator, virtual fire alarm panel.

The solution is designed to address the growing problem to commercial property owners, of non-emergency response from the fire service. FireVu enables commercial property owners and alarm receiving centers with the capability to provide visually verified smoke and fire alarms which fully integrate with the existing fire alarms and building management systems. This creates a very early warning system which detects and visually verifies the presence of smoke and flame long before serious damage is done to commercial property – including the interruption of critical production lines as a result of fire.

“FireVu has a proven track record in some of the most demanding environments in the world including tunnels, aircraft hangars and large processes such as steel and paper production," said Pauline Norstrom, vice president, DM Network Video. "The early detection of smoke and flame, by the FireVu, integrated video analytic, provides a solution to the problem of early detection, that other fire detection systems are unable to fulfil. FireVu is capable of detecting smoke and flame in a matter of seconds, where conventional fire detectors take several minutes to trigger. The combination of video transmission with early detection, enables the commercial property owner to see what is happening on site – live- enabling him to make critical decisions about the deployment of fire suppression systems or other emergency action – in order to prevent or reduce loss."