Sony focuses on solutions put into action with numerous ASIS 2011 show debuts

Sony Security Systems Division is displaying key innovations at ASIS 2011 that empower solutions to key market segments. These include its Z-Series hybrid camera video surveillance solutions; XI’s wide area monitoring; View DR dynamic range enhancement imaging technology; four new analog cameras; and three standard definition network cameras.

The Hybrid camera surveillance video solutions simultaneously transmit both analog standard and high-definition images over a
single coaxial cable. The five Z-Series cameras include fixed angle, PTZ and minidome models. Matched with Sony receiver units, these are suitable for many applications, especially upgrades to legacy analog/coax installations.

XI’s Wide Area Monitoring can be seen in operation for the United States Park Police (USPP), at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and at the recent Baltimore Grand Prix auto race in Maryland. The USPP’s project covers over 300 acres from the Capitol steps to the Lincoln Memorial. At the Baltimore Grand Prix, the 240+ megapixel imaging kept watch over the two-mile temporary street circuit providing the equivalent of 200+ traditional surveillance cameras.

Sony’s View DR equipped 5th generation network cameras are able to discern facial features from backlit figures, a typical challenge in, for example, public transportation settings where passengers are first seen stepping in from bright exteriors to dark interiors.

“Visitors to the Sony booth at ASIS 2011 will see our focus on solutions put into action,” said Mark Collett, General Manager, Sony Security Systems Division. “This first-ever showing of the full Z-Series Hybrid solution is aimed at educating the industry on the enormous opportunities this opens to carry forward the many customers looking to extend value and capabilities for their coaxbased
systems. Also, the XI’s Wide Area Monitoring’s full capabilities can now be best seen by its prominent successes.”

Collette also noted that important Sony joint projects, too, are on display at their ASIS booth including Sony’s initiative with Envysion to offer video-based business intelligence to movie theaters, a complete market-wise solution enhancing Sony’s digital cinema offerings for that industry.

In addition to the market focus of the Hybrid Solution, XI’s and View DR, new product introductions for ASIS 2011 include notable additions to some of Sony’s product lines including:

Four new analog cameras with increased resolution and dynamic range. SSC-FM530 and SSC-FM560 Series dome cameras along with SSC-FB530 and SSC-FB560 Series CS mount fixed type design cameras achieve 7000 TVL resolution enhanced with
DynaViewSX dynamic range enhancement technology.

Three new standard definition network cameras with groundbreaking price/performance. The fixed-angle SNC-EB520, minidome SNC-EM520 and minidome vandal proof SNC-EM521 are capable of capturing images at 30fps. The addition of H.264 compression in SD allows for exceptional bandwidth efficiency.