Pivot3 announces vSTAC Watch appliances

Pivot3's vSTAC Watch delivers added support for 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Server products, provides VMware
Fault Tolerant and Pivot3 VM Failover options for high-availability, and standardizes hardware management on the Dell iDRAC management suite.

“Customer expectations on video quality and storage reliability are rising and therefore, stored video becomes a more critical asset. Pivot3 delivers new functionality to meet demanding performance and reliability needs but continues to make it cost effective for the user,” said Perry Levine, senior director of Business Development, Security Products, Siemens Industry Inc.

“The new vSTAC Watch platform will also allow the virtualization of additional security subsystems that require the power of 64-bit Windows OS and VMware.”

The vSTAC Watch is an open system appliance that runs third-party video management software (VMS) and provides highly reliable storage for video capture and playback. Individual vSTAC Watch appliances can be stacked to create, protect and load-balance storage across vSTACs as a highly reliable IP SAN. High-performance solid-state storage introduces a 10X performance boost for the most intensive streaming environments. The vSTAC Watch supports the latest 64-bit operating systems and adds two new failover options. For local environments with limited staff and budget, Pivot3 VM Failover solution provides a self-healing restart for
hosted VMS software within a vSTAC. Real-time failover is also supported for VMS partners that offer failover, for Microsoft clustered environments or for VMware solutions such as VMware HA. The vSTAC Watch is complementary to the industry-leading Pivot3 CloudBank and DataBank appliances.

“Video surveillance performance and availability requirements drive the next generation of IT solutions,” said Lee Caswell, chief strategy officer, Pivot3. “The vSTAC Watch is our answer to the question of how to deliver a high feature set at a cost point that matches the pocketbook of the surveillance customer.”

Part of the Pivot3 vSTAC product suite, the vSTAC Watch also includes appliances for virtual desktop environments and big data applications. The vSTAC OS is the core software technology that can be delivered on different hardware platforms to meet specific market needs. The unified approach to compute and storage results in savings in rack space, power and cooling of up to 40 percent when compared to traditional storage appliances.