ComNet announces port configured unmanaged switch with PoE

Communication Networks’ (ComNet) eight-port Ethernet switch enables users to direct data from 6 TX ports, allowing the data to drop or insert on to the network at each switch location. This prevents flooding the other ports and the network. The optical ports forward the data from the six ports to the next switch or another Ethernet connection.

The CNFE6+2USPoE offers management without the cost and user knowledge required for a managed switch at significant savings. This port-configured Ethernet switch allows the user to create a virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) that manages the Ethernet data being transported thereby preventing network flooding. The CNFE6+2USPoE is pre-programmed and meets the IEEE 802.1x VLAN management standard and offers management capability without the user knowledge required to program a managed switch network. The optical ports are designed to forward the data from the six electrical ports to the next switch, to a PC, or another Ethernet connection. The CNFE6+2USPoE is a cost effective and easy way to add IP Video to a network.

In addition to the two 100FX uplink ports, the CNFE6+2USPoE provides six 10/100TX Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports that provide PoE to peripheral devices. This device supports the latest IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard for use with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) supplying up to 30 Watts. This switch is designed for use in harsh environmental applications.

“Our customers asked us for a cost-effective uncomplicated Ethernet switch to allow them to transport IP video that did not require an inordinate amount of programming to drop and insert multiple video signals along an Ethernet network," said Andrew Acquarulo Jr., president and chief operating officer, ComNet. "The CNFE6+2USPoE was designed for those applications. Simply flipping a switch on the CNFE6+2USPoE enables these capabilities. The six PoE ports also allow for more than one PSE device to be powered in those locations where a number of IP output devices were closely congregated. The CNFE6+2USPoE was designed as a point where the output of up to 6 Ethernet devices can be aggregated, managed and also provide operating power for those devices. That Ethernet data can be sent optically over distance to another part of the network through the two Ethernet optical ports. The ComNet CNFE6+2USPoE is an other example of ComNet understanding the needs of the market.”