BRS Labs

BRS Labs announces breakthrough with AISight 3.0

Houston, Texas (September 20, 2011) - Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs) announces the release of the latest version of AISight  (pronounced: eye sight) the first and only Behavioral Analytics solution for intelligent video surveillance. This latest release, AISight 3.0, goes beyond traditional rules based video analytics to adapt and learn behavior patterns in complex environments. AISight 3.0 is the first product to merge advanced machine learning and computer vision into one easy to install video surveillance software package. This new capacity addresses two of the industry's most difficult problems: trend analysis across an enterprise's camera installation, and modeling typical behavior for a camera's field of view.  
"We are excited about our continued innovative leadership in the video security surveillance industry," said Ray Davis, CEO and Chairman of BRS Labs. "This breakthrough sets us apart from other video surveillance software providers to lead the next evolution in the field of advanced perimeter security capabilities."  
AISight 3.0 provides the following benefits: 
 Allows quick analysis of alerting history across the enterprise:
Alert trend reporting - At a glance, reports indicate alerting trends over weeks or months, allowing analysis of which areas need the highest attention. 
 Swift and cost-effective system installation:
Easy to install in parallel with legacy platforms or integrated with new surveillance solutions that enables a single system manager instance to support a farm of 500 camera feeds. 
Total field of view analysis: 
AISight observes, learns, and responds to the entire field of view of each camera being monitored. There is no need for trip wires, zones of interest, or masking. 
 Shows learned behavior for each camera:
Learning Visualization - Color coded images superimposed over the camera's field of view show how AISight is modeling each scene, giving the operator an understanding of what AISight has learned.