AlertEnterprise and Proximex join forces to combat threats to critical infrastructure

ASIS International 2011 Conference, Orlando, Fla., September 19, 2011AlertEnterprise, provider of logical and physical security convergence software, and Proximex, developer of event and information management for both physical and logical security markets, formed an alliance to deliver inclusive protection for the nation’s critical infrastructure. The combined AlertEnterprise/Proximex Surveillint capabilities deliver compliance automation, risk analysis, active policy enforcement and complete situational awareness into operational security for rapid and effective response to emerging incidents.

For example, a possible out-of-compliance alert, such as an intrusion into a sensitive area, is received by Surveillint and then correlated with alerts from other physical security systems, like video analytics and/or perimeter detection. The alert is then sent to AlertEnterprise for behavioral analysis and automatic vetting against authoritative identity sources. AlertEnterprise determines if there is a true compliance issue and triggers any required remedial action. Together, the combined technology platform provides organizations with more rigorous security protection for critical infrastructure incidents.

AlertEnterprise prevents theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism by streamlining onboarding offboarding, delivering identity intelligence to track physical access into facilities and logical access into applications and systems controlling critical assets. It conducts sophisticated risk analysis to detect blended threats while enabling enterprises to actively enforce policies, meet compliance requirements and deliver predictive analytics to stop the progression of events from turning into adverse cyber or physical incidents.

Proximex's solutions leverage existing and new systems and technologies that are integrated into a centralized command and control center. As a result, organizations can achieve significant improvements in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance while realizing a quick return on investment (ROI). Utilizing Surveillint's PSIM solution, users can manage situations and resolve incidents by offering advanced features like business logic manager policy and workflow designer, EZ Track suspect camera tracking and incident and trend reporting.

Recent intelligence reports continue to express concern about the vulnerabilities inherent in the nation’s infrastructure. Following 9/11, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established 18 Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Areas (CI/KR). In addition to Federal Government applications, the segments that can most immediately benefit from these combined capabilities are: Energy – Utilities, Oil & Gas; Nuclear; Transportation – Aviation and Mass Transit; Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals; and Healthcare. Solutions for all other segments will soon follow.

“Today’s attacks are more sophisticated, involving blended threats that extend across cyber, physical and control systems," said Jasvir Gill, founder & CEO of AlertEnterprise. "Unique capabilities from AlertEnterprise combined with the situational awareness capabilities of Surveillint deliver complete visibility as well as rapid and effective response. AlertEnterprise offers the only solution that can prevent these incidents from occurring by eliminating these silos. Our ability to layer on top of and leverage existing HR / Enterprise Applications, PACS systems, and SCADA control systems is unparalleled in the industry.”

According to Jack Smith, president of Proximex, “Large organizations are increasingly pressured by new government regulations to ensure compliance and mitigate risk but stakeholders require better returns. This AlertEnterprise-Proximex alliance brings together the best in identity intelligence and logical access with complete physical situational awareness for regulation compliance while achieving a quick ROI by leveraging existing assets. This alliance offers excellent business value and complete awareness for organizations dealing with critical infrastructure security issues.”